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Introspective design for the curious and brave.

We help entrepreneurs, artists and brands find their voice and connect to their audience. We’re visual storytellers and master question-askers. We’re here to breathe life into your business.


Design that gets to the heart of the matter.

Our process is all about digging deep. We help our clients discover more about who they are, and how they can use their unique strengths to serve, uplift, and inspire those around them.

We believe in the power of honest, heartfelt expression, and see self knowledge as the first step towards helping others. Clear voices and bold identities can change the world.


Bringing clarity to freelancers, artists, entrepreneurs and brands.

1. Discover

Who are you? Why are you in business? Who will you help? In this phase, questions are king. Get ready to dive deep.

2. Distill

We compile all of our findings into a comprehensive brand guideline that will serve as a reference for your brand’s future design decisions, voice, and art direction. The heart and soul of your business laid out for you to see.

3. Design

Using the brand guideline, we create visuals and messaging that encompass and align with the core of you and your company.

Curious? Reach out.

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Design & photography on demand.

Already done the groundwork? We provide a wide variety of creative content and services to help you communicate to your audience in a meaningful and impactful way.







Marketing Materials

Web Design


Art direction

3D window design





Portraiture & Headshots



Who are we?


Studio Kelpé is founded and operated by Kelsey McMillan, in collaboration with a collective of freelance creatives and strategists.

We match clients with creatives to build the perfect team for each project. This flexible model allows us to remain accessible to a wide range of entrepreneurs, startups, artists, and brands.

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